Adding Bookmarklets To Mobile Safari

Bookmarklets are handy snippets of program code embedded in a browser bookmark that provides some additional function. For example, I use a Delicious bookmarklet on my desktop browsers to save the URL of a web page in Delicious. I also use a bookmarklet to save snippets of information on web pages in Evernote.

Adding bookmarklets to desktop web browsers is usually a simple matter of dragging the bookmarklet from a web page to the browser’s bookmark toolbar. Unfortunately, that process is not possible in Mobile Safari, making it seemingly impossible to use bookmarklets on an iPad or iPhone.

Chris Bay has created a web page that enables one to create many of the popular bookmarklets in Mobile Safari. The page displays the programming code for the bookmarklets that you copy to the iPad or iPhone clipboard and then paste into the URL field of a bookmark. I happy to now be able to easily save URLs in Delicious using Mobile Safari on my iPad.