Addicted to Twitter? Bring It With You Wherever You Surf

If you reach for your morning Tweets rather than the morning paper with your coffee, you’re in luck – a new startup has designed an elegant way to get your news about the world and the Twitter-verse at the same time. TICKnTALK integrates Twitter into your browser and shows your the most Tweeted links from the sites you visit, comments about the site, and people who are part of the discussion.

TICKnTALK is a truly immersive Twitter experience. Once installed, it sits on the left side of your browser (sorry Chrome users, it only supports Firefox and IE at the moment) and provides you with real-time Twitter insight about the sites you visit. Take a look at its interface below:

The first tab (unselected in the image) shows the most popular links on Twitter, period. They’re not related to your surfing, just sort of “FYI”. But it gets really interesting when you open the second tab at the top, “Top Links on…” This displays the most re-Tweeted links pertaining to the site you’re visiting. Judging from this, it looks like Canadians are interested in sharing news about the Giller Prize, a literary award…and a Twinkie diet.

Below the link box is a “Tweets” box that displays a number of things, depending on your selection – Tweets about the page you’re on, Tweets with @mentions of yourself, your own Tweets and more.

What’s really great about this app is that it can give you some great ideas for new people to follow. People sharing links about the sites you visit likely have similar interests to yourself, and TICKnTALK lets you explore their profile and follow them if you like.

If you’re looking for a way to get Twitter information about the sites you visit, there is no better app out there right now. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!