Add some Frivolity to your Tweets by Turning them Upside-Down!

Twitter is a great marketing tool, a forum for democracy, and a news vehicle for many of us – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun tweeting every now and again. Check out this fun little tool, which will flip any tweet upside-down and tweet it out for you! is a no-frills way to inject some fun into the Twitter timelines of anyone following you. Just visit the site, and type in the tweet you want to send in the upper box. As you type, you’ll notice the mirror-image of your text being printed out in the box below, upside-down.

Although there are other programs that can do this, is great for Twitter users because it counts down your remaining characters just like the box at

Once you’re happy with your tweet, you can either use the “Flip Tweet!” button to sign in with oAuth and send the tweet from the website, or (as I did), just copy and paste the flipped text into and tweet it out:

One word of warning – be careful with novelties like this and adding symbols to your tweets. They seem super fun when you first stumble upon them, but your followers will quickly grow frustrated if they constantly have to flip their smartphones upside-down to read everything you tweet out.