Add Facebook Events To Google Calendar

Last month I wrote about Best Wishes, which is an Android app that notifies you when one of your Facebook friends is celebrating a birthday and provides an easy way to post a birthday wish on their wall. Today Android Central has a tip to add Facebook events or birthdays, to a Google Calendar. I like this tip because I prefer to have all date specific information like birthdays appear in one spot, and I prefer to use Google Calendar on my Android phone.

The article written by Sean Brunett provides step-by-step instructions for adding your Facebook friends birthdays to a Google Calendar. The instructions take advantage of a feature in Facebook to export birthdays to other calendar apps using an iCalendar URL. Once you have the URL, you can use it to add a new Calendar to Google Calendar.

After you add your Friends’ Birthdays calendar to Google Calendar, it should automatically sync to an Android phone. To confirm, start Calendar on your phone and tap Menu, More, Calendars. You should see the Friends’ Birthdays appear under your account name as shown in the screenshot, along with the indication that it is synced and visible on your calendar. Birthdays appear as a single day event at the top of day and week calendar views. The birthdays also appear in the Google Calendar widget.

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