Add Contextually Relevant Content to Your Blog As You Type

zemantaThis is one for those bloggers out there. What if you could have a service automatically include/recommend links as you write? Well, if you’re (English language) blogging in WordPress, Blogger, Moveable Type or Typepad, and willing to give startup Zemanta a run, your time is now.After a quick install, the system deploys its magic, suggesting contextually relevant content. The majority of images and text come from Wikipedia and Wikimedia, videos come from YouTube. They are suggested based on contextual comparison of your text and the image’s title, description and articles they were used in originally. Related news sources are recommended based on an index of the “top 300” media sources. Also, if you’re a Zemanta user, your blog can be included as a “source,” hopefully resulting in more traffic.

So let’s summarize: you get to use assets from the Web without a fear of illegally using copywrited image, text, and/or video.

All recommended content can be edited, banishing it from your post forever.

Will Zemanta enhance your blog? Give it a test run here.

If you have an idea or need to report a problem, the Zemanta team is treating this as a true alpha, listening to every shred you have to say. Check out the community here.