Add a Vocal Dimension to Twitter

As a podcaster, I am always looking for ways to record audio on the go. For a while I was in love with Jott. Now I’ve moved on to Google Voice.

But if you’re an iPhone user, Tweetcasting (substituting audio for text) just got a whole lot easier.

The gang at Mashable has turned us on to TweetMic, a 99-cent priced iPhone app that enables users to send high-quality audio clips to Twitter – all without ever having to touch a keyboard.

There are no file size limits, your only memory hurdle is the how much room you have in your iPhone.

All audio is hosted on TweetMic’s servers and can be deleted at any time.

Other possible uses include recording a presentation, bootlegging your favorite concert moment or doing a little 8-track mixing on the fly.

Twitterfone, a site currently in closed beta, performs a similar function – with no iPhone needed. Simply register your phone number, tie Twitterfone to your Twitter account, and dial a local number to leave audio Tweets.

I’m not sure how well audio really lends itself to Twitter, but I’m certainly down to give it a try.