Add A LinkedIn Photo And Your Profile Is 9x More Likely To Be Viewed

According to a LinkedIn representative and CareerFolk founder Donna Sweidan, your profile is nine times more likely to be viewed if you have added a photo.

You’ll increase your odds another sevenfold if you fill out the “Past Experience” section completely.

LinkedIn also gave out a few more tips:

  • If you customize your profile page URL, it’ll be that much more likely to come up in a Google search of your name.
  • A full one in five hiring managers have made decisions based on volunteer experience listed on LinkedIn, so don’t neglect it!
  • LinkedIn (somewhat) recently added “Skills” to profile pages. If you haven’t been back to LinkedIn lately, it’s worth popping in to add those.
  • And finally, according to LinkedIn’s algorithms, the site will be much more useful for you if you have at least 50 connections.