Adcentricity, Impact Mobile Strike Cross-Media Pact

Combining two of the fastest-growing media, Adcentricity, an aggregator of digital out-of-home networks, has partnered with Impact Mobile, an aggregator of mobile carriers.

The sales and marketing partnership allows advertisers to integrate interactive elements into digital out-of-home campaigns. SMS, mobile coupons, PIN numbers, mobile sites and other applications have been creeping into digital out-of-home campaigns, but have yet to really catch on.

Adcentricity is betting that by expanding its digital out-of-home planning and buying services to include mobile, it will be easier for advertisers to add a call to action, retail redemption programs or location-based services to campaigns. “Until now, digital out of home as been very transactional,” said Rob Gorrie, CEO for Adcentricity. “This adds engagement and loyalty marketing components.”

As part of the pact, Adcentricity and Impact Mobile will market each other’s services and share in the revenue from integrated digital out-of-home and mobile campaigns.