AdBlade: Late to the Game

AdbladeYou are sitting in the conference room with the rest of your company’s executives brainstorming about what is the next product your company should launch. Given that you have already launched a few relatively successful Facebook applications you decide that now is a good time to launch another product. “I got it,” you think to yourself. We’ll build an ad network for Facebook applications! It has only taken you 7 months and the launch of 12 competitors to realize that this might be a lucrative business.

Unfortunately, this is what AdBlade has done. They have launched yet another ad network on Facebook at the wrong time. There are now well established leaders in this market and attempting to become the next leader is extremely challenging unless you have a comparable active user base within your applications. AdBlade was launched by the people over at Congoo has gone through many revisions in their business plan over the past couple years.

Two years ago, Pete Cashmore gave a fairly negative review. At the time, Congoo’s vision appeared to be somewhat blurred. I think they are following the wrong path yet again with the launch of AdBlade.

Ash Nashed, CEO of Congoo, reached out to me following this less than positive review of AdBlade. Ash accused me of not offering them a fair chance. I’ll be honest in regards to Congoo, I didn’t give them a fair chance and went to the first review of the site I could find for reference. I have since done a little more digging. Congoo provides a tool that enables users to view “premium content” on sites for free while providing the paid content owners with marketing information for each user.

The tool makes a lot of sense but I have to be honest, I don’t agree with paid content on the web except for Consumer Reports which strives to avoid a bias. Regardless, the tool works well, I just wouldn’t use it. The only tool I need to view content on the web is my internet browser and that’s it. Aside from their tool though I failed to give a complete review of AdBlade and just dismissed them right away. While I still think they are too late to the game I am open to demoing their service. I’m still waiting on a login to test it out. I’ll let you know if this changes my thoughts!