Rex Reed is Adam Sandler’s New BFF

Thanks to a Fresh review for The Cobbler.

In case you missed it, the only major critic lacing up at press time a decent review on Rotten Tomatoes of The Cobbler is the normally acid-tongued New York Observer critic.

How is that possible? Nostalgia, most likely. Reaction to any given film has a lot to do with the mood the viewer was in at the time of consumption. Evidently, RR wandered to his seat (or screener) by way of memory lane. Check out the opening sentence of his write-up:

The Cobbler is the kind of fanciful New York fable Ben Hecht and Damon Runyon used to tell in books and syndicated newspaper columns back in the day.

That sound you hear in the ether-distance is the rumble of a combined Hecht-Runyon WTF!? Dustin Hoffman appears briefly in the movie as Sandler’s dad. FishbowlNY would have preferred a montage cameo shot of Jon Voight, triggered when cobbler Max Simkin tries on a pair of extremely well-worn cowboy boots.

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