Adam Nagourney Lives Well Inside D.C.’s Bubble

The New York Times’ Adam Nagourney writes up his paper’s “36 Hours” feature on Washington, D.C., singling out such locales as The Hotel Washington, 9:30 Club (but does he have tickets to Justin Timberlake’s show?!?), Georgetown (generally), Vietnam Memorial, Spy Museum and Cafe Milano, among others.

This caused one perturbed reader to write in:

    Adam Nagourney’s 36 Hours in Washington demonstrates he hasn’t gotten out of the Times’ bureau much. Cafe Milano? Please. One can only hope his editors were the ones who edited in every piece of stereotypical D.C. stupid crap into his “tour” of Washington. (If there would have been a panda reference, I would have cancelled my Times Select!) Bring back Jenny 8. Lee! Well, maybe not.

In barely related journalists-around-town news: The Washington Post has some breaking news today:

    Noted . . .

    Maureen Dowd was spotted shopping (with plenty of assistance from salespeople) at Barneys in Georgetown Wednesday afternoon. The fiery-haired New York Times columnist and author wore jeans and a smile.