Adam Lambert’s Clandestine Videographer Says ‘Thank You’

A San Diego educator by day, she is known among the rabid community of Adam Lambert fans simply as Suz526. Starting at a concert in Portland, Oregon in July of 2009, she has shot ongoing video footage of the singer’s live concert performances and quickly posted it up as she goes on YouTube.

Suz526’s notoriety reached its peak last month when, aided by the online contributions of several hundred fans, she and helper VITO followed Lambert’s “Glam Nation Tour” to Europe. She has now returned, and while branching out to document other entertainers, she posted a thank you message to her supporters this past Monday.

Unlike the infamous LonelyGirl15 from a few years ago, Suz526 is 100% real. You can follow her on Twitter @Suz526. Her YouTube channel with all the Lambert videos is here.