AdAge Digital: Overheard

After an Asian buffet and open bar courtesy of, day one of AdAge Digital is officially in the books.

We present you with some “overheard” moments and quotes from today. Some attributed, some not.

“They give us a longer lunch here than jury duty!” – Steve Rubel, Edelman Digital

“We’ve had over ten thousand comments on our site since we’ve launched, and we’ve answered every single one.” – Jean-Paul Colaco, SVP Advertising,

“Everyone thinks they can create content today and, in fact, everyone can. What’s interesting is there’s still a lot of shyness on the part of marketers in fessing up to how this affects the media owner’s position in the traditional power structure.” – Matthew Creamer, AdAge Editor at Large

“Everyone wants to be on Facebook, but people only go to Facebook to look at themselves and their friends, it’s like one giant mirror. SEO is where we need to focus…” – Guy on cellphone outside auditorium