AdAge: 2008 Isn’t Mobile’s Year, Again

Here’s one thing we can agree on with AdAge—mobile media still has a ways to go before it reaches its full potential.

“Each year since about 2000—and maybe even before—has been wrongly touted as the year of mobile marketing,” AdAge reporter Alice Z. Cuneo wrote. “And this year won’t be it either, despite the we’re-not-kidding-this-time rhetoric being spouted by mobile-marketing boosters converging for telecom’s big powwow in Las Vegas this week.”

That would be CTIA, the wireless industry’s biggest trade show that runs twice a year. Cuneo goes on to list five things wrong with the wireless industry: the fact that most mobile customers don’t yet have data plans (and therefore can’t partake in mobile media), the lack of good metrics tools, the technical complexity (with dozens of handsets, operating systems, and carriers), the blind acceptance of mobile as just another medium to place display ads on, and the lack of a killer mobile media application or service that makes advertisers all take notice.

Cuneo also lists proposed fixes for these issues. The article is obviously focused on the advertiser, rather than the consumer or content provider. But it’s still worth reading as it touches on a lot of the same problems we report on (and joyously complain about) here.