Ada Louise Huxtable Finally Offers Her Two Cents on the MAD Controversy

Oh how we love us some Ada Louise Huxtable (as previously noted when we talked about her recent interview with the NY Times). Now the venerable godmother of architectural criticism has sought out to set the record straight on all the nay saying about the new Museum of Arts and Design (well, relatively new, as it opened back in late September — read our on-the-ground report from opening weekend here). She might be a couple of months from the thick of it, but Huxtable is sick of the “why didn’t we save Ed Stone‘s masterpiece and allow it to be reconstructed?!” talk and issues a length “let it go, people” to everyone who reads. Of note: CultureGrrl has some additional commentary about the editorial, which we strongly encourage reading once you’re finished with the original, as well as some bits about Huxtable’s new book and an award she received this week.