Ad-free Version Of Angry Birds For Android Is On The Way

I don’t think I have written anything about Angry Birds yet this week, so this post will get my weekly quota in. For those not familiar with the Android versions of Angry Birds, both the full game and the “seasons” versions are free, but they include ads. The good news for Android users is that they can play Angry Birds for free, the bad news is that they have to tolerate the ads and there is currently no way to play the game on their phones without the ads.

According to a tweet from @RovioMobile, an ad-free, presumably paid version of Angry Birds for Android is in development and will be available in another month. It is not clear to me whether this means that a for-pay version of the current full version of Angry Birds will be released, or if that is referring to Angry Birds Rio, which is another version of the game based on the Fox movie Rio.