Ad Agency Seeking Liberal Arts Grads For Interns

Wieden & Kennedy in London is launching a “talent hub” in September for 12 people with non-advertising backgrounds to work solving W&K client problems and take on clients of its own.

The project, called Platform, isn’t officially called an internship, but the staffers can work there for a maximum of nine months, be paid fairly low wages, and have the prospect of being hired on at W&K full-time after. Sounds like an internship to us.

Platform’s an outgrowth of a smaller project which employed four people without advertising backgrounds to do basically the same stuff.

“[Clients] love the fact that we are experimenting,” Sam Brookes told AdAge. “It’s exciting for them—they have nothing to lose and are getting added value. The people involved tend to be culturally curious, passionate and keen to prove themselves, which makes them very prolific.”

The pay is £250 a week, which in London, doesn’t go very far, but it’s better than the agency’s Portland, Ore., intern program where 12 students pay to work there.

Interested? Visit, but you’ll have to sell yourself: candidates need to solve problems and post a video résumé just to be considered.