Acxiom Borrows From Google

Phil Mui, the mastermind behind Google Analytics, wants to start a revolution

Phil Mui wants to start a revolution. Occupy Insights, it could be called. In this case, the 99 percent are the marketing decision-makers lacking data-crunching chops, and the 1 percent are the 25-year-old analysts those decision-makers employ.

“I think there is a need for a tool that is able to coalesce, bridge together [and] extract insights so that [nontechnical marketers can] very quickly interact with and derive insights without going through a technical guy,” said Mui, who on May 14 joins data processing and marketing technology firm Acxiom as chief product and engineering officer.

Mui knows a thing or two about developing a detailed but user-friendly analytics dashboard. Google Analytics is his baby; he developed the site traffic reporting tool during a seven-year stint there. Since anyone with a website can use the free version of Google Analytics, Mui, a former Google product manager, had to keep it simple while building out the product’s more complex features.

Mui is passionate about making data insights more widely accessible because he’s found that at many big marketing organizations, individual divisions tend to focus on making their own numbers rather than using data to grow a brand’s overall business. Even worse, he said, “almost nobody questions whether focusing on [customer] acquisition is the best thing for the business in the long run.” An overarching insights dashboard for decision makers would change that once it hits the market…whenever that happens.