Acura Sought a ‘Not Too Dark’ African American for Super Bowl Ad

TMZ got a hold of the casting call document carmaker Acura sent out when it was filling the roles for its Jerry Seinfeld/Jay Leno Super Bowl commercial. How? An actor who didn’t get the role and is “pissed” sent it to them. Haha! Uh-oh.

According to the document (available on the TMZ site), Acura wanted the role of “African American Car Dealer” to be played by someone “nice looking, friendly” and “not too dark.” Double-take…. yes, that’s what it says. The ad is after the jump.

According to TMZ, someone involved with the casting says the skin color mandate was added because of something to do with “lighting and special effects.” But as Jalopnik pointed out, even if something about the car in the shot is “digitally enhanced,” it’s “still odd that they can make a car appear out of nowhere but can’t light a black guy with dark skin.”

Acura hasn’t responded to requests for comment but it can’t stay quiet on this forever, so we’ll see what the explanation is for this one.

*Update: Acura has issued an apology (of course) to anyone offended by the document. The company tells TMZ that it ultimately chose the “most talented actor” and it is taking steps to make sure that this sort of “language” isn’t used again.