Actor Lands “Huh?” Line in AT&T Commercial, Goes Viral on Reddit

The commercial is nothing to shake a stick about, but it went viral because Dern posted a comment about it on Reddit.

Becoming a viral celebrity on reddit is a onetime crap shoot, but it did happen to an actor with a fairly small part in an AT&T commercial. Nate Dern turned into a celebrity due to a reddit thread earlier this week and spiked the ad into a viral sensation.

Dern is a writer and actor with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. He posted on reddit that he nabbed a role in a commercial for AT&T. The commercial is fast-paced as an executive snaps orders to his subordinates – telling them what to do with their BlackBerry Torch 4Gs. The humor in the commercial is that the subordinates are being told to play games and post videos of their kids on YouTube.

The commercial is nothing to write home about, but it went viral because Dern posted a comment about it on Reddit. “Hi Reddit. After three years of auditioning, I booked my first commercial. I say ‘Huh?’ in this AT&T spot. Just wanted to share.” Then, he linked the commercial via YouTube.

To date, that post has gained more than 2,800 comments and netted more than 600,000 views since the ad was posted on Monday. The whole topic became a meme on Reddit as posters spoke positively about Dern’s performance with his simple line, “Huh?”

Dern told Mashable that he’s posted stuff on the site before without being noticed. The success is just a fluke, “They have a soft spot for underdogs, but this wasn’t about me. It was an inside joke and they ran with it.”