Activision Launches Wipeout 2 on Mobile

wipeout 650Activision’s Wipeout 2 has splashed onto iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices, bringing players back into the world of the reality television show that challenges contestants to complete obstacle courses without falling into a pool of water below. The action platforming game sees players running across the screen, using swipe controls to jump or slide under obstacles at the proper time.

Wipeout 2 is the sequel to 2012’s original Wipeout on mobile, and features 150 themed obstacles within 135 new levels for completion. Users can choose one of ten characters to represent them throughout the experience, including a zombie, pirate or pop star. Two characters are given away during the tutorial, but the rest are available to purchase with premium currency.

These avatars aren’t just visually different. Each offers a different speed, slide, recovery and air control stat that determines how they handle while playing. Characters also have energy meters, which allow them to complete only a few races before becoming too exhausted to continue. Energy recharges over time.

Once a character has been unlocked, users can spend more premium currency on upgrades or new costumes for their characters, which unlock speed or coin boosts while active.

During each course, users tap and slide their finger on the screen to run in that direction. Users swipe up on the screen to jump, and swipe down to slide under obstacles. These include bouncing balls, rotating pillars, moving platforms and more. If gamers hit an obstacle, they’ll either be dazed for a time, or they’ll be knocked into the water and are forced to start again at their most recent checkpoint.

Levels are timed, and see players racing against an invisible opponent to reach the end of each course first (although finishing second isn’t a deal-breaker). The less time players take to complete a course, the more stars they’ll earn (up to three on each level). Users can also jump and collect coins while running, which are used to purchase power-ups. These include one that rewinds time if the they wipe out, speed boosts that cause the player to run faster for a short time and a teleport boost for skipping difficult obstacles.

Back at the main menu, a “Course of the Day” feature incentivizes returning to the game on a daily basis. The course is available to access for free the first time, but if players fail, they’ll need to pay premium currency to access it again. Players can also login with Facebook to compare their progress with their friends.

Wipeout 2 is available to download for free on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.