Live, from Pasadena… It’s Action on Film!

Well, not quite. But after six plus years as a bricks-and-mortar event, the Action on Film International Film Festival is branching out, ambitiously, into late night local TV.

Debuting overnight March 19th on NBC4 after Saturday Night Live, the first half-hour episode of The AOF Channel will feature a couple of shorts, an interview of Nick Mancuso by actor co-host Kim Coates (pictured), a review of iTV goggles, and a conversation between Michelle Gracie, another one of the co-hosts, and Michael Strahan.

For most of us, this is definitely DVR appointment TV, as the show airs at 2:30 a.m. PT. Still, it’s a bold move by the festival and production partner Bacara Media & Entertainment, one that – if successful – could spawn a number of imitators. FishbowlLA spoke briefly today with the show’s executive producer Doug Fawell, via telephone from South by Southwest:

“We’ve seen the traditional models of distribution begin to crumble at their own foundations,” he says. “What matters now and always is the content. We’re trying to increase the visibility of independent filmmakers, and help them make some money in the process.”

The AOF festival is underwriting the show as principal sponsor, with traditional TV ad time also being sold. Fawell says he has an initial 13-episode commitment from NBC 4 and that each featured short also comes with a brief filmmaker interview tease. Viewers will be encouraged to click over to the program’s website to view those interviews in their entirety.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.