Acrobat. Work. Together. Anywhere.

acrobatBy all accounts, Adobe’s plunge into Web-based software looks to be destined for success. The company, which has ruled the PDF and image world with Acrobat and Photoshop respectively, now allows registered users to create, manage and share documents they create with Adobe’s suite of programs. Here are several of the new online features available at

BUZZWORD: Acquired by Adobe in 2007, the Web-based Word processor could be a powerful Word killer. Similar to Google Docs (formerly Writely), a text-based document can be created and collaborators assigned, each with permissions the creator designates. Edits can be tracked and docs can be accessed from anywhere.

Buzzword currently imports and exports plain text (TXT), rich text format (RTF), Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), and Word 2003 XML files. Buzzword also exports to Adobe PDF and HTML.

SHARE: In a move that will likely deliver a blow to two great Websites (Scribd and DocStoc), text docs can be loaded as Flash in any browser, with the ability to be embedded in any Web page. Each file can also be shared via a unique URL. I’m surprised that Adobe has not branded this capability with a specific name. While ‘share’ covers it, I think the name can present some serious marketing issues.

CONNECT NOW: The Web-based conferencing system gives a presenter the opportunity to share their screen with participants. Interaction, including chat, is made possible by VoIP. Meeting attendees don’t even need to be registered.

During the beta phase, these great tools are 100% free. However, nothing lasts forever. Look for a subscription-based model to rear its head over the next few months. Price will likely be determined by the amount of space needed and the number of services you wish to access.