Ackerman Has a Dirty-Talking Twitter Imitator

Looks like Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman has an imitation Twitter handle who calls himself “Frackerman.” This is an actual picture of Ackerman that the phony Ack uses. We dashed out his f-bombs; he writes the real thing.
Unofficial name: S. Effen Ackerman. His bio: Journolist, I mean, journalist & internet tough guy. DO NOT F–K WITH ME.
Frackerman is prone to locker room, Bart Simpsonesque humor (some of it really much too sick to print) and sends otherwise obnoxious notes to ex-Journolisters such as WaPo‘s Ezra Klein, Mother Jones D.C. Bureau Chief David Corn and MSNBC contributor Dave Weigel.
“@daveweigel I got your strange fruit HANGING RIGHT HERE *points to johnson* … Stop giggling; I just got out of the pool.”
“@DavidCornDC Remember that #JournoList picnic where you brought that great potato salad & I brought MARK STEIN’S SEVERED TONGUE?”
Frackerman attacked The Daily Caller‘s advice columnist Matt Labash, who wrote an attack piece on the real Spencer “Attackerman” Ackerman this morning: “My question for @DailyCaller’s Ask Labash: Do you want me to LABASH YOUR F–KING SKULL WITH JOE STRUMMER’S GUITAR?”
Will Labash answer this question?
It’s unclear, but doubtful.