Achvr App Lets You Track & Share Life Goals

Are you hoping to write a novel and climb Mount Everest? Achvr is a new app, which is currently available in beta, that can help. The app is designed for you to share your life goals and then set out to accomplish them in the eyes of your friends.

The app is designed to help give you ideas on things you can set out to accomplish. For instance, maybe you’d like to run a marathon or learn how to play guitar. Once you have decided on some goals, you can make the promise to do them using the app. Invite your friends to use the app and you can share goals and watch each other’s progress. You can use the app to keep track of your progress and get points for all of your accomplishments.

The app also has a competitive nature. It is designed to help you compete against others who have set out to do similar things as you. You can compare your progress to others in the community including your friends.