Acer Wait and See Tablet Strategy Makes Sense to Me

Acer is the #2 PC maker in the world behind HP. Its labels include Gateway and eMachines in addition to its own Acer brand. And, while Asus introduced the netbook concept as a product to the masses, Acer had a greater market share the last time I saw netbook sales figures (early 2009). This is despite the fact that Acer didn’t introduce its first netbook product until about 9 months after the first Asus Eee PC hit the market. So, I wasn’t surprised to read this in DigiTimes…

Acer has no plans for iPad-like product, says Acer Taiwan president

This, in my opinion, is the right strategy for Acer. They are a commodity manufacturer not a visionary product firm. They will do far better by studying how well Apple’s iPad does (or not) and then introducing a lower-priced product to fill the iPad’s market gap. If the iPad does well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a $250 Acer tablet by the end of this calendar year.