AceBucks Launches Virtual Store

AceBucks, the application that I previously reported about receiving substantial funding from an A-list team of investors, has just launched a virtual store. The interesting thing here is that real goods are being traded with this virtual currency. While there isn’t a way to purchase AceBucks with real cash, there are a number of ways to earn them and that includes selling your items. Tired of your televisoin? Sell it for AceBucks and use those AceBucks to purchase sports jerseys, signed baseball cards or used iPods!

Don’t want real items? You can purchase pictures of TVs, iPhones and more! I’m not quite sure why you would spend 500 Acebucks for a picture but apparently there are people that value images highly. Want to start promoting your new product? This could potentially be a great tool for testing out demand for your product. It appears that these stores might gain traction given that there already a number of real items hours after the launch of the new service.

It will be interesting to see what future products are offered for sale on this application. Buddy Media (the parent company of Acebucks) is gambling big that their virtual currency will become widely used across Facebook. Currently, there are close to 13,000 daily users and it appears to be growing. While it is still early in the Facebook virtual currency space, AceBucks has defined themselves as the leader. Have you used virtual currencies on Facebook?

Acebucks Stores Screenshot