AC/DC Beer and Fans Should Sell Out Together

If an AC/DC song doesn’t rock its way through the jukebox of your favorite bar a few times a night, well, you’re probably drinking a martini anyway. So this piece won’t interest you.

But beer drinkers, be they NASCAR fans, tattooed Harley-Davidson riders, or sad-sack drunks, tend to like things loud–especially their rock-n-roll. So AC/DC and beer go together like tired moms and boxed merlot.

Merging AC/DC’s brand and beer, two incredible forces of nature, into one entity just feels like a natural progression in the evolution of the way things should be. Sure, diehard fans will accuse the legendary rock band of selling out, because that’s exactly what they’re doing. But AC/DC has earned the right to sell out the way your WWII veteran grandfather earned the right to mow his lawn in black socks and white tennis shoes.

You’re not allowed to judge them. Don’t even try.

Oh, and we definitely feel like beer is a better product than modestly priced wine for the guys who made this video:

The Aussie rockers are in a different PR realm than pretty much any other band. They withstood decades of judgment from the critical establishment and carried on doing their thing—rocking and rolling and figuring out awful sex puns. In the process they helped many of us make our way through those turbulent formative years. It is only fitting that the band that we heard during our first underage drinking binge in the local drive-through parking lot now has its own beer.

So the next time you hear AC/DC blare out of the jukebox at the bar, you may have the option of ordering AC/DC, the beer, to go with it. Buy a round for yourself and your friends and enjoy selling out with the band. You were never going to be a rock star anyway!

Relax and throw one back. Like AC/DC, we’re all getting older–and at this age rocking out in parking lots just looks weird.