AccuWeather Android App Includes Social Networking

Rather than telling your friends on Facebook and Twitter about the current weather conditions at your location, you can show them using the new version of the free AccuWeather app for Android. Version 2.0 of the AccuWeather app is now available in the Android Market, and in addition to being able to share information on social networks, the new version includes detailed hourly forecasts, interactive maps, and severe weather notices.

The AccuWeather app utilizes Android’s sharing capability to share what is currently being displayed in the app on social networks. The image is automatically uploaded and posted to Facebook, and uses the photo sharing setting in the Twitter app that you select. You can see how the sharing looks with Twitter using the Android Twitter app in the screenshot above.

One feature I find confusing in the AccuWeather app is Favorites, and the app does not have built-in help to provide an explanation. The app has a separate Locations feature, to which you add cities for which you want to see weather information. You then select from the location lists your favorite locations. The Favorites list provides a weather summary of each location, and you can tap a favorite to see more details. What I don’t understand is why Locations and Favorites is not combined into one, and I’ll most likely not use the Favorites list.

I wish AccuWeather provided a small widget like Weatherbug, rather than the screen-wide widget it provides. Overall, I think the AccuWeather app is more visually appealing than the Weather Channel and Weatherbug apps, and therefore some users may prefer it.