Access Your Desktop Online Anywhere via Jooce

jooce_logo.jpgWhat I enjoy about covering social networking, web 2.0 and online communications for Rotorblog is the excitement I get whenever I discover new online startups everyday. Nothing beats the fun of discovering amalgamation of words used by these web entities to come up with cool and unique names to brand their services.

jooce_interface.jpgTake Jooce for example, a new virtual desktop that lets you access your personal desktop any place where there are cybercafés. Jooce gives you ways to manage your files, e-mail, IMs, storage and other applications on a virtual space on the web. Jooce is for what it calls cyber nomads, or those people who move from one place to another in need of access to their desktop files.

Jooce is a public desktop as well. Through its Joocetop, it allows you to share files with friends. That’s social networking feature for you. Jooce is such a cool application that you can even afford not to have a PC of your own, and just host your electronic files into the Jooce platform. Yes, platform, that’s what Jooce, is all about. Jooce is an electronic platform that lets you manage your photos, videos, email and music minus the actual hard drive. How neat is that?

Ok, let me start talking about how cool Jooce is and point out its weakness. Jooce might have pulled in too much resources into its portal to come up with such an eye-catching interface and yet technology heavy applications. It would require a fast bandwidth and powerful machines in cybercafés to enable run Jooce in its full potential. This may pose a problem in cybercafés located in far-flung areas, where PCs and broadband technology has not arrived yet.

But, if you travel a lot to tech savvy places where telecommunications in internet infrastructure is not a problem, Jooce would be very useful for accessing your electronic properties.

Jooce has many features that the tech savvy individuals like us would definitely like and enjoy. I’ll live it up to you to discover those features.