Access Google Calendar On A Kindle Fire

I have found a way to access my Google Calendar information on the Kindle Fire other than by using the web browser. Unfortunately, the solution does require you to spend $9.99 to buy a key to use Exchange By Touchdown beyond 30 days, but you can try out the app for a month free first to see whether you like it.

Exchange By Touchdown is designed to work with Microsoft Exchange servers, and it does that by using a product from Microsoft called ActiveSync. Google licenses ActiveSync from Microsoft to use for Google Sync, which you can use with Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, and Windows Mobile phones. By configuring Exchange By Touchdown to use Google Sync you can gain access to your Gmail e-mail and contacts as well as your Google Calendar appointments.

When you first start the app on the Kindle Fire you will see an option to Configure Your Account. Enter your Gmail address and password and tap Next. On the Connection Details screen, which you see in the screen shot (click to see a larger image), enter your e-mail address in the User ID field, leave the Domain field blank, and enter in the Server field. The Email Address and Password fields should already be populated; tap Next. On the Uses SSL screen tap Yes and then tap Next. Finally, only the Protocols To Check For screen, make sure ActiveSync is selected and clear the check boxes for Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007. You will then tap Next one more time to confirm that you want to start configuration.

It might take a while for your e-mail, contacts, and appointments to synchronize to your Fire. By default Exchange By Touchdown only synchronizes three days worth of e-mail to the device, but you can change that setting. You can configure e-mail to be pushed to the Fire or have it check for mail at set time intervals.

Calendar appointments display in Agenda, Day, Week, and Month views. You can see how the appointments display in the week view on my Kindle Fire, and I think I might even like how it display information better than Google’s Calendar app on my other Android devices.

As a bonus, you can also use Exchange By Touchdown to manage tasks and store notes, however these two items do not synchronize with Google’s servers. You can store information in these two areas that is kept on the Fire, but if you attempt to do a refresh by tapping Menu, More, Refresh, you will lose your tasks and notes because the app attempts to synchronize with a server app that does not exist, and finding none removes the items from the device.

Exchange By Touchdown goes a long way towards making the Amazon Kindle Fire a productive tablet. If you install it along with Documents To Go, your Fire will have almost all the tools you need to get work done will on the go.