Access Facebook on Your Palm

For those Palm users that were jealous of Blackberry owners who are able to access Facebook right on their phone, your desires have now been fulfilled by the developers at Palm. A new application enables users to access Facebook directly on the Palm® CentroTM, TreoTM 755p, and TreoTM 680 smartphones. I’m not aware of the number of Palm users out there but I’m sure there is a substantial number.

I have a better recommendation for the Palm users: buy the 3G iPhone! Alternatively, you could switch to a Blackberry if you didn’t want a full touch screen. Mobile web use is on the rise and applications like this one are helping continue that trend. There’s no word on whether or not this application was developed in conjunction with Facebook but based on Facebook’s involvement with the development of the Blackberry application, I would guess Facebook was involved with this app.

Back in April I wrote that the Blackberry application has been installed 1 million times. That trend has continued and while less than 250 people have downloaded the Palm application, I would expect that number to increase rapidly. If you are a Palm owner and would like to access Facebook from your phone, go install the Facebook® for Palm application. You can also download the application directly to your phone by going to

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