Access Facebook On An iPad Using Facepad

So far there is not an official Facebook app for the iPad, and Facebook has said they do not have enough people to develop one. While I think that accessing Facebook with Safari is good enough, I recently learned about a free app called Facepad that does a decent job of providing access to Facebook.

As you can see in the screen shot, Facepad appears to have been modeled after the Twitter iPad app, except that I have found that there is very little that you can do by swiping left or right. The most Twitter app-like effect is that when you tap on a name in the Friends section that person’s profile slides onto the screen from the right. You swipe the profile window back to the right to remove it from the screen.

Facepad does not provide the ability to swipe left or right to move between photos in an album, which would be an obvious way to use gestures, instead you tap arrow buttons to move left or right. Facepad does not provide any way to zoom pictures.

Facepad is one of the few iPad apps that I have encounted that only displays in landscape, which is also different from the Twitter app that works in either landscape or portrait. Clearly the developer believes that the app works best in landscape but users usually prefer to be able to make that decision for themselves.

Despite its limitations, I have found Facepad provides a fun way to access Facebook, and of course, you can’t beat the price. Hopefully the developer will release an update of the app that addresses the limitations that I have found. If you are interested in trying Facepad out for yourself, you can install it from the iTunes App store.