Access and Share Your Multimedia on a Single Online Device with Ubuket

ubuket_logo.jpgIf Jooce lets you access your personal desktop online anywhere that there is an Internet connection, Ubuket, retracts one step backwards with it online service. Ubuket gives you online access only to your multimedia content.

ubuket.jpgBe it your photos in Picasa or Flickr, your videos on YouTube or your mp3 tracks, Ubuket lets you access those content as well from one online device. As a Web 2.0 and social networking service, Ubuket also lets you share your multimedia content to your friends using an interface in various social networking sites. Ubuket is not only an online storage for your multimedia content, but it is also a multimedia player. That is you can listen to your mp3 tracks even if you don’t have your mp3 player with you.

You might ask how that could be possible. You simply have to access your Ubuket account using a internet capable phone and yes, it supports the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch. To access Ubuket from your iPhone or iPod Touch, you simply point your mobile web browser to

Ubuket looks to be a promising start-up especially where the people composing the online community today are looking for portability and mobility when it comes to storing their various files minus the hassles of bringing too many gadgets and devices. Ubuket is a web-based service, and all you need to do is an Internet connection wherever you are and you will have instant access to your multimedia content.

Ubuket is currently on beta stage and the site promises to offer more features when it is officially launched.