Accenture: 97% of TV Watchers Use Television Set

In its inaugural Global Broadcast Consumer Survey, Accenture discusses how – and how much – consumers in various world markets are watching television programming in ways other than traditional broadcast methods. Worldwide, 97% of respondents still watch their TV shows on a TV set, but alternatives such as the Internet and mobile devices are becoming more accepted.

According to the survey, 46% of 18- to 24-year-olds in the US view content on a mobile device. Folks with older eyes (the 55+ crowd) are far less likely watch a video on their phone, with only 19% saying they do so. As for what they’re watching, “user-generated content ranks highly on mobile, reflecting the expanding photo and video capabilities of mobile handsets and the potential for easy sharing either face-to-face or via messaging,” said David Wolf, a senior exec in Accenture’s Media & Entertainment practice.

“The under-35-year-old group is more likely to watch content on alternative devices, more likely to be familiar with on-demand TV, prefers watching content on-demand is more willing to pay to download content,” he said.