Website Maps Out National Oscar Twitter Buzz

Tired of reading the musings of all those self-proclaimed Academy Awards pundits, all of whom are filing final predictions this week ahead of Sunday’s big show? Then have we got the website for you.

In a clever bit of awards season self-promotion, social media monitoring and analysis vendor E.Life has shared four hourly-updating maps of Oscar tweet activity in 25 American cities. The categories separately being tracked are Best Picture, Actor, Actress, and Diretor.

While Los Angeles and New York inevitably lead the percentage pack, it’s what’s going on in the smaller cities that is kind of fun to peek at. Click The Kids Are All Right and sure enough, as one might expect, San Francisco scores towards the top of the Oscar Twitter chat meter for that nominee. True Grit, on the other hand, isn’t as big a topic in Texas as it is in Chicago. Similarly, The Fighter has no appreciable spike in Boston, hometown of producer-star Mark Wahlberg and the man he plays.

It all adds up to a fun little time waster, courtesy of Jairson Vitorino, the German programmer who launched the company back in 2004.