Academy Awards Boost Magazine Website Traffic

Thanks to Anne Hathaway being arguably the most boring person on the planet and James Franco being (shockingly!) not as smart as the media would like him to be, the Academy Awards were largely unwatchable this year.

However, according to the latest from min, all was not lost. Magazine websites, particularly Entertainment Weekly’s, saw huge traffic boosts from the ceremony:

Its +12.60% February-versus-January differential (unique visitors were fractionally down) peaked on February 28, when 12.6 million PVs were measured as the Oscar recap was posted. Sum was +85% versus post-Oscars 2010 (March 8, 2010), but it was the social echoes that really paid off. Over 15,000 comments were posted on a blog that proved to be the most popular live coverage ever for EW, even beating its famous Lost finale coverage (May 23, 2010). Further, EW Oscar stories were shared over 10,000 times on Facebook, and the post-Oscar wave even hit the magazine’s mobile site, which hit a daily record with over half a million page views.

The increase caused by the Oscars was especially nice  because February is a short month that typically sees website traffic decrease. Other winners? Vanity Fair, People and

Maybe Hathaway and Franco aren’t that bad after all.

[Editor’s Note: Yes they are.]