Abrams, Pantone Partner for Colorful Kids’ Books

What’s your favorite color, Johnny? 19-1664! Hey, it could happen, now that Abrams has inked a licensing deal with Pantone for a new series of books that will prime young readers for colorful lives. The first of the Pantone Colors books will hit shelves in March as part of the new Abrams Appleseed imprint, which will be dedicated to “artful, developmental, and transformative books for readers ages 0-5.” Pantone Colors will introduce babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to the wonderful world of the Pantone Matching System through eye-catching spreads: a recognizable monochromatic illustration will be matched with a Pantone swatch-style array of shades and tints, each one named for familiar objects. According to Abrams, “By experiencing each of the colors first as an image, then as shades, children are introduced to the concept that one color name can mean many different things in a dynamic way that will thrill parents, educators, and designers.”