On Sale at NYTimes.com: A Very Expensive Photo

Marketplace reporter scans the shelves of the Gray Lady's new and improved general store.

As part of a report this week about the recently redesigned New York Times Store, American Public Media’s Marketplace compiled a list of five of the more unusual items available for purchase. Launched 15 years ago as a place to order newspaper reprints, the NYT portal today has a wide array of expanded offerings.

The list item that caught FishbowlNY’s eye is the following. Up for grabs in this 150th anniversary year of Lincoln’s assassination and delivering a profit margin larger than any bundle of old front pages:

4. Dad blazed through that Abraham Lincoln biography you gave him last year? No worries, the Times can sell you a rare, original tintype photo of the president on a ribbon for $2,325.

Tintype photography was invented about ten years before Lincoln’s death and involved the printing of a photo directly onto a metal surface. This rare original is in mint condition and comes with a certificate of authenticity from New York vendor Brigandi Coins & Collectibles. Maybe Michael Bloomberg can buy it.

Read, listen to Marketplace NY-based reporter Sally Herships’ full report here.
[Image via: nytimes.com]