Legal Blog ‘Above The Law’ Sued for $50 Million Over Rape Story

Popular legal industry gossip blog Above The Law and its parent company, Breaking Media, are being sued by Chicago attorney Meanith Huon, reports Forbes Mixed Media, for an erroneous blog post about rape that allegedly destroyed Huon’s reputation.

The author, Elie Mystal, linked to a story about Huon, who was arrested and charged with sexual assault (he was acquitted of all charges ultimately). But then Mystal linked to two other articles, one about Huon being charged with sexual assault and another about him being charged with cyber-stalking, making it seem like there were three separate instances (which was what Mystal probably thought had occurred).

Problem was that all three articles were actually about the same victim and incident. So Huon is suing Above The Law for making him look like a serial alleged sex-offender, instead of just a one-time alleged sex offender. For $50 million.

Yeah, that strikes us as optimistic as well. But you know lawyers, they love to sue. Huon, representing himself in the case, is also seeking control of Above The Law’s web domain (would be amazing if this worked out for him), and is also suing Madison Country for $130 million in a separate suit.