Above the Fold: How the Major Papers Played A1

New York Times: The nomination of Henry Paulson as Treasury Secretary is placed in the top-right with a large picture of him and President Bush at the announcement. On the upper right is a story about the U.S. Military’s dispute of the account of events during the massacre in Haditha, Iraq is beside a piece about a European high court’s ruling that will make it difficult for the U.S. to obtain passenger data for air travelers.

Washington Post: Bush’s choice of Paulsen as treasury secretary is in the top right, while an article about the conviction of D.C. sniper John Allan Muhammad runs down the far-left column. A local story about deaths at D.C. group homes runs under a large photograph of children playing.

Los Angeles Times: Tops with a picture of wounded CBS correspondent Kimberly Dozier being evacuated to a military hospital in Germany, with a story on the top right about the fading hopes for a military pullback from Iraq. On the upper left is a story about how Christians are using the Internet to spread the gospel. A story below the picture finds that California lacks housing for sex offenders.