About Last Night App Lets Party Goers Connect

Facebook used to be where the place to share photos from last night’s party, but the fact is that nowadays your Mom and you boss are on there, and Facebook changes its privacy settings too often.

For those looking for a new place to connect with friends and bond over how many beers you drank last night or how awesome Steve Aoki sounded, then About Last Night is the app for you. The app combines photosharing with location and lets users use GPS to find local parties. You can also follow other party goers (including celebrities) and vote on your favorite nightlife photos.

Here is more from iTunes: “Its about the party last night, the concert last night, or the date last night. Do you want to know where the hot party is happening, where your friends are, or what is happening at your favorite hangout? Do you want to know who is performing at your favorite club, or learn about special deals and offers? Are you visiting from out of town and want to know where to go? Click on “Nearby” and see where the best nightlife is happening.” (Via The Boston Globe).