About John and Dana…

Earlier, we failed to point out this juicy bit in Tuesday’s profile of CNN’s John King:

    As if the primaries had not kept him busy enough, Mr. King will somehow find the time to get married on Cape Cod on May 25. His fiancee is a CNN colleague, Dana Bash, who is also assigned to the campaign, which makes you imagine gauzy scenes of Mr. Blitzer giving the bride away. (In fact, Ms. Bash’s father is Stu Schwartz, a longtime producer on “Good Morning America.”)

    Asked how he and Ms. Bash have been able to see each other these last few busy months, Mr. King said, “We intersect every now and then.” Sometimes their only opportunity is live on CNN, separated by a split screen. That’s what happened on Feb. 3, when Mr. King, in Boston hosting a special that CNN called “Ballot Bowl ’08,” debriefed Ms. Bash, who was in Fairfield, Conn., with Mike Huckabee, then a candidate for the Republican nomination.

    Mr. King, who can spend several rapid-fire minutes off camera recounting the voting history of Montgomery County, Penn., tends to clam up when the subject turns to his personal life. He did volunteer that an earlier marriage ended in divorce, and that he and his first wife have a son, 14, and a daughter, 11. Asked how he and Ms. Bash had gotten together, he said only, “We met at work.” (Ms. Bash declined through a CNN spokeswoman to be interviewed for this article.)

    “My work is fair game, and I do it in a very public arena,” Mr. King said. “To try to carve out a little space for your life is important to me.”