About.com Launches Tech Site

Lifewire is here to answer all your tech-related questions.

Lifewire_HP_WiderAbout.com has expanded its offerings once again with the launch of Lifewire.com, a tech solutions site.

Lifewire’s content is organized into four main verticals: How To, Fix, Buy and Do More. The goal of the site is to offer readers clear, easily understandable answers to the many questions that arise from using technology.

“Lifewire’s distinct voice is a strong differentiator in the market. We ditch the tech-speak and give users solutions in an understandable, personal and approachable way,” said About.com CEO Neil Vogel, in an announcement.

Lifewire is About.com’s third standalone brand. The company previously launched The Balance, a personal finance site, and Verywell, a health and wellness site.