No, it’s not a new Genesis song. It’s the future of TV–if the FCC gets its way.

The federal oversight organization once again plans to address the issue of relaxing rules that prevent media consolidation across multiple media–i.e., one company owning a newspaper, a radio station, and a TV affiliate all in the same local market and thus monopolizing and controlling the information the citizenry is permitted to see (that’s Dick Cheney’s job).

One of the provisions under attack is a restriction on any company owning more than one of the four major TV networks, which currently allows us to get our unfunny comedies, newsmagazines run by nonagenarians, vulgar animation, and “Lost” in different places.

But if this goes through, we expect the 18 to 34-year-old demographic to rise up, take over the streets, and burn their video iPods. Be afraid. Be very afraid.