ABC’s Note Slaps Roger Simon

We’re going to be watching tomorrow morning to see whether the Note’s smackdown of U.S. News’ Roger Simon comes true:

Here’s a Los Angeles Times correction from today:

“An article Saturday in Section A about the resignation of Eason Jordan, CNN’s vice president and chief news executive, said that a website called offered a clearinghouse of criticism related to Jordan’s statements about journalists killed by U.S. troops in Iraq, including a link to ‘mainstream columnists such as Roger L. Simon.’ In fact, one link is to a website and blog by Roger L. Simon, a mystery writer and screenwriter, not Roger Simon, the columnist for U.S. News & World Report.”

Here’s our draft for the Times for tomorrow’s correction page:

“A correction yesterday referred to Roger Simon as “mainstream” — and not as a current fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. Both the characterization and the non-characterization were grievous errors, which the Times regrets with all its might.”