ABC’s 2008 Coverage

From the release:

    Continuing an election year tradition, ABC News today appointed a group of new reporters to cover the 2008 presidential candidates. The off-air political team will report extensively from the campaign trail as they travel with the 2008 candidates and their spouses. Their reporting will appear on all ABC News broadcasts and platforms including ABC’s political daily internet digest “The Note.”

    This announcement comes on the heels of the announcement that ABC News will host six 2008 presidential forums and debates, and following the first presidential forum of the 2008 election in Carson City, Nevada last week moderated by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

    “Each presidential election, our off-air reporters assigned to cover individual campaigns from beginning to end are a cornerstone of ABC News’ political reporting. We are fortunate to have so many talented, dedicated people whom we can commit to giving our audience all the stories of the campaign,” said ABC News President David Westin.

ABC News’ 2008 Off-Air team when you click below…

    Sarah Amos joined the Los Angeles bureau of ABC News in June of 2005 as an intern. While there she assisted on a variety of programs including “World News,” “Primetime” and “Nightline.” In September of 2005 she moved to New York as a production associate at NewsOne. She currently serves as an associate producer for ABC News. Sarah graduated with a BA in broadcast journalism from the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California.

    Julia Bain is an associate producer at “World News with Charles Gibson” where she produces for the daily “World News” webcast. Julia contributed to ABC’s 2006 midterm election coverage, working as an off-air reporter covering 12 competitive congressional races. Previously, she worked as a researcher at “World News” providing support to producers, writers, and correspondents. Julia graduated from Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service with a degree in International Politics.

    Kevin Chupka serves as an associate producer for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” where he has worked in various capacities since 2005. On the overnight, he worked on a number of breaking news stories including the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the British Airways bomb plot, and most recently the passing of President Gerald Ford. He came to ABC News from NBC, where he was a member of the prestigious page program and then an assistant to the president of NBC News. A 2003 graduate of Villanova University, he first gained experience in journalism through the school’s newspaper and radio station.

    Jennifer Duck is an off-air reporter for “World News” in ABC’s Washington bureau, covering events on Capitol Hill and the White House. During the 2006 mid-term election, Jennifer was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) off-air reporter and traveled with President Bush on the campaign trail to Texas and Georgia. In October 2005, Jennifer was part of the ABC News team covering the indictment of Vice President Cheney’s Former Chief of Staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby; since the indictment, Jennifer has remained one of the main contributors reporting for all ABC News broadcasts and platforms. She is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio where she studied political science and mass communication with an emphasis in broadcast journalism.

    Jonathan Greenberger has worked as a researcher and segment producer for “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” for the past year. He has worked with George on several high-profile interviews, including President Bush and Vice President Cheney, as well as most of the leading 2008 presidential candidates. Jonathan also produces the graphics and tape elements that George uses during his live segments. Jonathan joined ABC News in May 2005 after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in economics.

    Eloise Harper has been a producer for ABC News Special Events since January 2006. Eloise is responsible for booking guests for breaking news stories as well as for scheduled events. She also serves as a booker for Charles Gibson and for the “World News” broadcast. Previously, she was an assignment editor on the National and Foreign desks in New York and also worked for ABC News Now, ABC’s digital channel, as a booker and as the producer of the show Money Matters. Eloise began her career at ABC News in 2004 as an assistant. A native of San Francisco, CA, she is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

    Bret Hovell is an off-air reporter in ABC’s Washington bureau. He works as a field producer for “World News” and has covered Capitol Hill, the White House and the State Department for all of ABC’s platforms. He has produced stories for “Good Morning America” and worked as the “World News” webcast producer and editor in Washington. He joined ABC as an overnight production assistant working on “World News Now,” “World News This Morning,” and ABC News Now’s Inside the Newsroom. Before joining ABC, Bret worked as a production assistant for USA Sports at the US Open of Tennis in Queens, NY. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

    Donna Hunter joined ABC News in 1998 as a desk assistant on the overnight desk. After a short stint on the desk, she was hired at MSNBC as a production assistant and then returned to ABC News to work at “20/20” in 1999. At “20/20,” she worked on many of Barbara Walters’ projects, Diane Sawyer Specials and Elizabeth Vargas’ Vanished series. She received a Shine Award and a National Association of Black Journalist Salute to Excellence Award for her participation in the Barbara Walters Special “The Children Speak.” She is a regular on-camera contributor for ABC News Now’s Stylin’ program and has guest hosted The Mix, where she has interviewed Queen Latifa, Hulk Hogan and Victoria Rowell. Before joining ABC News, Donna worked in London at the NBC bureau as a production assistant where she worked on high profile stories including the death of Princess Diana and also other international news events. She is a graduate of Temple University.

    Raelyn Johnson is an associate producer at ABC News Special Events. Working for a unit charged with breaking news, she has covered a variety of stories including the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the London terror plot, NASA’s space shuttle program, the execution of Saddam Hussein, North Korea’s missile launch, and the death of President Gerald Ford. In addition, Raelyn has profiled many newsmakers from the first female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to boxing legend Muhammad Ali. In 2006, Ms. Johnson had a front row seat to the Midterm Elections while traveling to cover candidates on the campaign trail. Raelyn joined ABC News in 2003 and worked for “Good Morning America” and “Primetime.” She received a BA in Journalism and Media Studies from Rutgers University where she was a co-anchor for RUTV, a columnist for The Daily Targum, and a freelance writer for Black Enterprise Magazine.

    Sunlen Miller started at ABC News in 2004, and has since worked on multiple platforms in the ABC News Washington Bureau including “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” “World News”, and “Nightline.” She is currently a segment producer for ABC News Now’s Politics Live hosted by Sam Donaldson and Mark Halperin. Prior to joining ABC, Sunlen worked for The Washington Post as an associate producer for the TV/Radio Projects division. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs with a B.A. in International Affairs and Communications.

    Brandon Odoi is a production associate in ABC’s Southern bureau (Atlanta, GA). He began his career as an assistant on the New York assignment desk in October, 2003 and then moved to work as a desk assistant for “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.” During his time there, he covered the death of former President Ronald Reagan and the withdrawal of Bernard Kerik’s nomination for Secretary of Homeland Security. In Atlanta, Brandon has produced several “Home Front” pieces for “World News with Charles Gibson.” He has also worked as a field producer covering President George W. Bush, NASA’s STS 121 Discovery mission, and Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath in New Orleans. Prior to working in New York, he interned in ABC’s Midwest bureau (Chicago, IL). Brandon is a graduate of Northwestern University, and holds a B.S. in Journalism. He also completed coursework at the Institute on Political Journalism at Georgetown University.

    Jan Simmonds joined ABC News in 2002 as a desk assistant. Since 2004, Jan has been an assignment editor in New York covering both domestic and foreign news. During that time, he played an important role in covering both the Tsunami and the London terror bombing in 2005. As part of the Assignment Desk, Jan also ventured into the field as an off-air reporter and producer, and also covered the United Nations. Before joining the Assignment Desk, Jan was a part of ABC News’ Vote 2004 presidential election coverage as a reportorial producer on the Political Information Desk. In that role Jan helped coordinate ABC News’ political coverage and was also a writer/contributor for The Note and Noted Now. Before joining ABC News, Jan was a desk assistant with “The Newshour with Jim Lehrer” and worked as an aide for a U.S. Senator. Jan is a graduate of Syracuse University (’00) with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

    Matt Stuart is a production coordinator at “Nightline” in Washington, where he has worked for the last two years. Originally from Boston, MA, Matt graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in History and Economics in 2005. While attending college, Matt interned at “Nightline” in Washington, and became a small part of the “Nightline” relaunch team, working on the Katrina Anniversary, Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s primary campaign, and more recently the “Mitt Romney Day in the Life” profile.

    Brian Wheeler is a recent addition to ABC News, having spent the last two years as an associate producer for “The O’Reilly Factor” at the Fox News Channel. Brian currently works in research for “World News with Charles Gibson.” He graduated in 2002 from Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, with a degree in political science.

    Zach Wolf is ABC’s off-air reporter at the United States Senate. He provides editorial coverage for “World News with Charles Gibson,” “Good Morning America” and “Nightline.” In addition, Zach contributes original content to and appears on-air for ABC’s 24-hour news platform ABC News Now. Zach has worked at ABC as an assignment editor and on the West Coast as a freelance producer. His writing has been published in the “San Francisco Chronicle” and the “Wall Street Journal.” He started at ABC as a desk assistant after attending the University of California at Berkeley.