Has Bad Facebook Experience

Michael Learmonth is reporting that didn’t get much help from advertising via Facebook. The one thing that Michael fails to mention is what form of advertising he is referencing. It appears that he is referencing an Facebook application that has not performed very well over the past couple months. That’s not as much of a result of a poor performing advertising campaign as it is a result of a poorly designed Facebook application.

Whether or not has experienced a poor performing Facebook ad campaign, Facebook’s performance as an advertising channel is still under debate. I have previously reported that Facebook has horrendously low click-thru rates. That is still the case but perhaps click-thru rates are not what should be measured. One advertiser that I spoke with while at the Web Community Forum in Seattle, siad that she had tested out SocialAds and the performance was great.

While the click-thru rates were still poor for this indiividual, she argued that she was able to generate more click-thrus through targeted advertising on Facebook in a short time frame than she was able to generate via competing advertising channels including Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately I don’t have data from other advertisers to substantiate this argument but if you have had a great experience with Facebook advertising, please let us know!