ABC7’s Stephen Tschida is Overnight Celebrity

Over the weekend, ABC7’s Stephen Tschida felt the aftershocks of his wild train ride to Philli this weekend after he made it safely back to Washington. He wrote on Twitter: “Lunch at Cafe Milano. Maitre’d made big fuss. Never before… Ya think cuz a this Twitter thing?”

We notice that his Twitter following has jumped by more than 300 followers since this whole epic escapade began late last week. Still, he follows no one. He has 626 followers. How high will he climb?

So far, fame doesn’t appear to be going to his head. TBD‘s Sarah Larimer reports: “Told @ABC7Stephen that he was on @Gawker. His response: ‘What is Gawker?'” And over the weekend, Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller declared that she wants more Tschida, saying, “@ABC7Stephen Can you take a train ride this week please? Congress is still in session and DC needs you.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Stay tuned…