ABC7’s Leon Harris Wins Faux ‘Nobel Prize’

ABC7 Anchor Leon Harris will receive the 15th Anniversary Special Recognition Award at the World of Children Award Ceremony tonight in New York City. The award has so many titles it’s making us dizzy.

No, it’s not really a Nobel Peace Prize as the release might fool people. The award has been “hailed” by “leading philanthropic organizations” as the “Noble Prize for Child Advocates.”

The World of Children Award provides funding and recognition to support “life-changing” work for children. Harris is among four individuals receiving the non-Nobel Peace Prize award for “unusual commitment, outstanding leadership and passion for children.”

It really is hard for them to let up on that Nobel Prize faux usage. Co-founders Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson, retired execs from Procter & Gamble and Victoria’s Secret, have some dream to bestow “a Nobel Prize-like award” to those who “dramatically improve” the lives of children.

The non-Nobel Prize will be given out tonight in Manhattan at 583 Park Avenue. By the way, can you spot the fake Louis Vuitton bag above?